Affiliated Partners

We are affiliated with numerous health care and technology groups. These relationships help us maximize the care we give all our patients!


NVision is the trusted center we prefer to care for our Lasik and cataract surgical patients. Dr. Tooma and Dr. Pirnazar are highly skilled surgeons. Dr. Tamano Fletcher has cared for surgical patients for many years now and has found NVision's quality and care to be unparalleled! “When a patient is interested in Lasik or any refractive surgery, I am very particular where I send my patients. NVision meets my high standards and I feel confident in the care and results they provide my patients," says Dr. Tamano Fletcher.

Infinity Vision Alliance Group

Infinity Alliance Vision Group (IVA) is a member driven organization supporting optometric practices nationwide. IVA provides their members with substantial discounts from key companies in the eye care field. IVA also focuses on education in practice management and effective marketing strategies. Their goal is to help private practices, such as Hospitality Eyecare Center, to compete and flourish by providing discounted products and services to their members.

Rudy Project Eyewear

Rudy Project is one of the most advanced athletic and sun protective eyewear options on the market! For our athletes, be they golfers, runners, triathletes, cyclists or climbers, and for those needing ANSI standard protective eyewear, this is for you!

Maui Jim Eyewear

Some of the highest technology sun wear on the market! For optimal vision and sun health protection this is your lens!

Williams Group Consulting

Our professional performance consultants who help us give you the best care in the world! > View Affiliated Partners List

California Optometric Association

We are proud to be a member of this organization that strives for the best in eye care in California and gives so much back to our state.

American Optometric Association

We’re proud of our national organization and all it does for our profession and for the people of America.

Care Credit

We are proud to accept Care Credit for those individuals who may benefit in today’s economic climate.

Loma Linda UniversityOphthalmology Center

We are happy to have the expertise of Loma Linda surgeons and specialists when the need arises for our patients. Dr. Tamano Fletcher will make sure you are referred to the specialist best able to care for your unique situation. > View Affiliated Partners List

Women in Optometry

Women in Optometry is an association of female optometrists in the Inland Empire. Many of these women are also owners of their private practice. Dr. Tamano Fletcher enjoys meeting with Women in Optometry as it gives her an opportunity to collaborate and socialize with other female optometrists like herself.


Hospitality Eyecare Center is proud to be a part of InfantSee, a program designed to ensure the vision care of children under one year of age in families without vision insurance coverage. Simply call and set up an appointment, letting us know the child has no insurance and you would like to be seen under the InfantSee program. Dr. Tamano Fletcher will waive all examination fees – just one more way Hospitality Eyecare Center gives back to our community. We’re proud to serve you! > View Affiliated Partners List


Dr. Tamano Fletcher recommends Transitions lenses for all children. These lenses will darken when outdoors to protect the eyes from ultraviolet damage. When indoors, they lighten quickly. While prescription polarized sunglasses are optimal for both eye health coverage and vision clarity, children are less likely to change to sunglasses when going out and change back again to clear when returning indoors and Dr. Tamano Fletcher suggests that Transitions lenses provide an attractive alternative.


One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality progressive lenses, Shamir is famous for its innovation and technological sophistication. Dr. Tamano Fletcher uses Shamir’s lens technology to provide the best lens designs to her patients. See to live™!


A world leader in lens technology, Essilor has been perfecting the art of vision in lenses for over 150 years. Dr. Tamano Fletcher recommends many of Essilor’s premium lens technologies and coatings to optimize your vision.

Optometry Giving Sight

Every October, Dr. Tamano Fletcher and the staff at Hospitality Eyecare Center take part in the World Sight Challenge. World Sight Challenge is a fundraiser program that brings vision care to third world countries. At Hospitality Eyecare Center, we do our best to help others outside of our community, and Optometry Giving Sight is just one of the many that allows us to do so.

Redlands Believe Walk

Dr. Tamano Fletcher and the staff at Hospitality Eyecare Center are starting a new tradition and participating in the Redlands Believe Walk annually. We enjoy participating in the Believe Walk and showing our support to other women who are fighting against breast cancer or who are celebrating their win over breast cancer.