Eye Care Products

Hospitality Eyecare Center provides a wide range of eyewear products, from the very classic and traditional to the modern and edgy and from the budget conscious to the high-end chic! Our selection is chosen for its quality and style and Hospitality Eyecare Center’s promise is to provide our patients with the best of what is available worldwide!

Available Designer Eyewear

Other eyewear brands will be brought in from time to time, so please check back. To view the eyewear styles that each brand carries, choose a brand name below and view their website.

Lenses & Coatings

There are literally thousands of lens designs and coatings available in the optical world today! Dr. Tamano Fletcher makes it a priority to keep herself up to date in this ever-changing area. It is Hospitality Eyecare Center’s promise to provide you with the best options available, to educate you as to what may be best for your unique needs and to maintain a variety of options to meet the needs of any budget.


  • Varilux ® S-Series – These revolutionary, digital lenses provides the most technologically advanced progressive lenses. Whether you are an experienced or new progressive lens wearer, these lenses offers the patient “limitless vision.” Utilizing new technology, the Varilux ® S-Series lenses offers better stability in motion, expansive vision, and personalization to the patient therefore virtually eliminating the common “swim effect” that many patients complain of and allowing better adaptation into a progressive lens.
  • Physio 360 – This progressive lens is digitally surfaced to provide the widest range of clear vision in the distance, intermediate and near areas of any progressive on the market. If you have experienced any other progressive lens, you are sure to be amazed at the comfort and clarity this modality provides.
  • Physio – The Physio is the “younger brother” of the Physio 360 in design. It will provide better comfort and clarity than most progressives, though slightly less than the 360.
  • Comfort 360 – This is a good older progressive lens technology that has been improved with digital surfacing, providing a cost effective lens option.
  • Comfort – An older progressive lens design. Dr. Tamano Fletcher does not typically recommend the Comfort lens, but provides it as a basic lens alternative for any budget.

Lens Coatings

  • Scotchguard – Essilor’s premium lens coating, providing antireflection and scratch resistance at the level of glass! And it has an hydrophobic top coat that makes it resistant to anything sticking to it (such as dust or oils).
  • Crizal Avance – Essilor’s basic anti-refection coating with scratch resistance.
  • Crizal – The minimal coating advised by Dr. Tamano Fletcher to provide anti-reflection and scratch protection.
  • Transitions – Dr. Tamano Fletcher’s preferred prescription sun protection for kids. The lens will darken when exposed to UV light and will lighten quickly when returning indoors.
  • Polarization – An extra level of UV protection that provides the best eye health protection as well as exceptional clarity, particularly when exposing your eyes to reflective surfaces like water, pavement, snow, etc